Land and Negotiation

Sambaa K’e First Nation continues to promote its members rights with respect to the land where we have lived since time immemorial. Sambaa K’e First Nation is in the process of negotiating with the federal and territorial government on related issues as a member of the Dehcho First Nations. An interim measures agreement was completed in 2001 and has guided how resource decisions are to be made while a final Agreement is negotiated. Also in that year, a Framework Agreement provided a pathway for further negotiations. An Interim Resource Development Agreement was completed in 2003 to foster resource development in the Dehcho and to accrue benefits to the Dehcho First Nations in the interim of a Final Agreement. Parties have since continued to work on an Agreement in Principle, with rolling drafts shared publicly. These agreements and the current Agreement in Principle can be found on the Dehcho First Nations website.

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