Education, Training & Employment

There are several types of training available for community members during the year. Please see the table below for upcoming training opportunities in the community. If you have a specific idea for training and development for members in the community, please communicate this to the First Nation Office.

Upcoming Training Opportunities

Date Training/Course Location Contact to register

Please contact the First Nation Office (867) 206-2800 to learn more about upcoming training opportunities or questions about delivering training in the community.

Local School

Charles Tetcho School is the local Kindergarten to grade 9 school in Sambaa K’e. Please visit the school’s website for more information on education resources in the community:

Training and Education Resources

The Department of Education, Culture, and Employment is a resource for members to look for information on training and development programs. Please contact the Dehcho Service Centre for information.

See the links below for other training and development resources in the NWT:

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