Chief and Council

Chief & Council

  • Chief Dolphus Jumbo
  • Councilor Ron Kotchea
  • Councilor Tanya Jeanbo
  • Councilor Tony Jumbo
  • Councilor Jessica Jumbo
  • Councilor Yvonne Jumbo

The current Chief and Council were elected in July 2017. The next election for Chiefs and Council was postponed in July 2021 and will be held at a later date.

Elder Advisory Council

The role of the Elder Advisory Council is to provide advice and recommendations to the Band Council regarding the lands and waters surrounding the community.

The Elder Advisory Council consists of these members:

  • Arthur Jumbo
  • David Jumbo
  • Edward Jumbo
  • Victor Jumbo
  • Helen Kotchea

If you are interested in being on the Advisory Council, please contact the First Nation Office at (867) 206-2800.

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